Model of the Day: Danielle Trixie

Danielle TrixieI think you really have to be creative with sex," coos the darling Danielle Trixie. "I like to dress up in different outfits, wear wigs, have sex in new and daring places and explore every position. Sex with me is a journey. Missionary in a bedroom? Please! That's for your parents. Doing it in a glass elevator while wearing nothing but a trench coat? That's the way to go! "Foreplay is so important," Danielle insists. "Most guys are in such a rush to just stick it in that they miss out on the other pleasure possibilities. Lick me all over. I'll return the favor. Work me into a frenzy with your fingers. I'll make sure your every desire is fulfilled. Get me to the point of orgasm, and then you can pound me hard. Trust me, the hunt is as hot as the kill."

"I am willing to do anything to please my lover," the tempting Texan avows. "Anything! If he's into S&M, I'll try it. If he wants to fool around in a threesome with me and my girlfriend? I'll bring her home for a night of lust. As long as he knows I'm the number one in his life, we're good."

What are the filly's hobbies? "Why would you ask me that?!" Danielle howls. "Do you really think your readers care about anything but sex? I don't. My hobbies are sex, sex and more sex!"

Vital Stats
hometown: Lewisville, Texas
age: 25
birth sign: Leo
height: 5-4
weight: 119

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