Hustler Video In Production With New Parodies!

THIS AIN'T HAPPY DAYS XXXAs parody porn sweeps the Adult Industry, the push to stay unique and relevant is ever stronger. Picking the right talent and storylines are critical to pulling off a successful parody and nobody knows this better than the crew at Hustler Video.

With that, Hustler Video is excited to announce some of their future projects! With production starting in the coming weeks, they will be releasing a sequel to their smash-hit This Ainít Happy Days XXX this November! Thatís right, Hustlerís parody version of Fonzie and the gang are back and ready to hop and bop with all new adventures and even hotter sex!

Releasing in December 2009, Hustler Video again ventures into the halls of the Senior Class with its parody movie This Ainít Beverly Hills 90210 XXX! Get ready to see your favorite students of privilege get the Hustler treatment!

Going into 2010, Hustler Video has a bevy of hot parody titles they plan to unleash on the world, including:

This Ainít Laverne & Shirley XXX
This Ainít Charmed XXX
This Ainít MacGuyver XXX
This Ainít TJ Hooker XXX
This Ainít Fantasy Island XXX

ďWeíre very excited with this line-up,Ē says Director of Operations, Jeff Thill. ďWe feel weíve identified some of the best examples of pop culture television. All of them begging for a porn parody spin. The possibilities are virtually endless.Ē

Creative Director, Drew Rosenfeld echoes Thillís excitement. ďThere is some real hot talent out there right now. I canít wait to bring more hot sex, hot girls and big laughs to our viewers.Ē He adds, ďHustler has a lot in store for everyone!Ē

Keep your boxes of tissue and bottles of lube handy, because Hustler Video is just getting warmed up!

Remember, you can buy This Ainít Happy Days XXX and tons of other Hustler parodies at and or download them only on!