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Publishing has been the trump card always played by Larry Flynt. As a diverse businessman, Mr. Flynt not only has the very successful Hustler Magazine started in 1974, but also has a successful and growing chain of retail stores, an apparel company, a thriving video/dvd production arm and a broadcast group that includes cable TV, internet and video on demand operations. He even has an aviation company. Filling out his Royal Flush, Mr. Flynt tapped the gaming market and built a beautiful new Casino just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

The 55,000-square foot, forty million dollar facility is called, yes, Hustler Casino. The grand opening took place June 22, 2000 and since then has grown to be one of the most successful enterprises Mr. Flynt has ever undertaken.

Now yes, it's Larry's place, but no, it's not a strip club. You can bring your girlfriend, your wife and even your mother-in-law. They will all have a great time at HUSTLER Casino.

Mr. Flynt took personal pride in overseeing the design and decoration of the card room, dressing it out in first class luxury. He made certain the casino maintained an elegant architecture and unsurpassed furnishings. Beautiful reproductions of Gustav Klimt paintings adorn the walls, 18 huge plasma-screen televisions are strategically placed throughout the casino to appeal to all clients, and best of all, there is a smoking atrium with a retractable roof, surrounded by a circular glass wall. It is truly a sight to behold and keeps players in the center of the action and not to feel like they have been 'pushed out back' to a makeshift gaming area.

Hustler Casino also has a classy boutique for the finest in gift shopping and of course offers Hustler¹s trademarked magazines. Hustler Casino brings to Los Angeles the Las Vegas experience and opulence without having to leave beautiful Southern California.

Tracy Edwards, Casino Manager, creates an atmosphere for all types of players.

HUSTLER Casino offers the largest seeded jackpots in California, several starting as high as $40,000. HUSTLER Casino also offers jackpots on all games every day of the week and monthly cash giveaways and promotions in the thousands of dollars.

Although Texas Hold'em and Blackjack are by far the most popular games, he provides varied choice of games and limits to satisfy each player and their gaming desires. "This has turned out to be quite a force in L.A. gaming," says HUSTLER Marketing Director Al Underwood. "Poker players have a unique way of conveying information through word of mouth, so when the word gets around, that 'the game is on,'’ it spreads like wildfire." Hustler Casino is unique in that it hosts the largest continuous $1500-$3000 stud game in the world. It also claims the highest blackjack limit in California - $6000 per hand.

Although Hustler Casino only entered the gaming market this millennium, it offers the perfect atmosphere for high rollers, movie stars, California visitors, and especially the beginning player. Pleasure and comfort abounds, and the Hustler Casino staff anxiously prepare for you one of the best all-round gambling experiences in the state.

Not what you expect, everything you love.

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