When longtime friends Larry Flynt and Harry Mohney decided to join forces and create a sophisticated gentleman's club bearing the Hustler name, no one expected the runaway success that the pairing created.

Could Hustler Honeys succeed where Playboy Bunnies failed? The opening of the first club proved without a doubt that they could. Highlighting performers with a 'girl next door' appeal as opposed to the airbrushed and unattainable was paramount in why the original club thrived.

Maintaining this standard is why all of the clubs built since have met the same level of success.

Catering to a more upscale 'business traveler' with an expense account, Larry Flynt's Hustler Clubs are defined by class and sophistication. "It is not about how much you can take off," Flynt told Reuters after a recent HustlerClub opening, "It's how much you can bring to the entertainment."

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